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Two applications is all you need to direct connect people, machines, services and things. ① Your SIM cards / applications and ② your TOS.

  • YourTelecom - Your SIM Native connectivity for all devices everywhere.
    • SIM cards for mobile phones, i- and smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops and any other device with SIM card slot: standard | mini | micro | nano.
    • SIM chip sets: Built in connectivity is most robust, extreme miniaturized and without moving parts.
    • SIM devices and phones: Tailormade hardware just for your services.
    • The addSIM is a SIM evolution: It´s a super-slim film. It realizes an additional mobile access to any phone (BYOD). Additional storage and further innovations make the addSIM unique.
    • Telecom apps enable i- and smartphones to use better rates in mobile and WiFi networks worldwide. The NUSCH.ZONE app is a leading international telecom app powered by NWS.
    All specifications are in accordance with the SIMalliance.
    More details: SIM Services | Your SIM
  • YourTelecom - Your TOS The heartbeat from all of your connectivity (SIM services, apps, etc.) comes from a single application. The TOS. The TOS includes everything to run telecom services on a global level.
    • Equipment: The hard- and software to operate as an international network provider.
    • Networks: 300+ mobile network providers (GSM: 2G-3G-4G) in 190+ countries are good to cover the world. VoIP, messaging services are delivered through millions of WiFi hotspots all over the world.
    • Fulfillment: A mobile player within 90 | 180 days: The TOS can be hosted at us or on site. Full autonomy is an option.
    More details: The TOS
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